Our local and ethical approach

Our products are made entirely in Canada in ethical, humane conditions.

Gaia & Gaia & Dubos carefully selects each of its subcontractors to create exquisite clothing for you.

Our founder takes care to personally visit every workshop and manufacturer we do business with. We make sure the environment is respectful of everyone who works there.

Not only exquisite, but fully sustainable.

Our sustainable fabrics

Our natural fibres are certified organic. Our Belgian linens are intrinsically sustainable. Our fabrics made from plastic bottles are certified 100% recycled.

If a fabric wasn’t produced using eco-friendly methods, it doesn’t make it anywhere near our collections!

All our fabrics are dyed with water-based, chemical-free inks. Your skin and the planet will thank you!

Traceability and transparency come first! We share the fabric's country of origin for each of our creations.

Designed to last

Our products are designed to follow you through all chapters of your life. Classic cuts. Exquisite fabrics. Perfect craftmanship.

We take our approach even further

Our slow fashion philosophy champions high-quality, classic styles.

Our fabric scraps are reused to create our accessories or donated to artisans.

Some of our clothes are transformable and/or adjustable to broaden their utility.

Your orders are delivered in sustainable packaging that’s recycled or compostable.

Be a part of the change

Explore our sustainable creations