About Gaia & Dubos

Hello! I'm LĂ©onie.

I'm the designer and founder of Gaia & Dubos. I'm behind the creation of the brand and each of our products.

My fashion designer career began at the age of 12. I was drafting my own patterns and sewing my first creations. At 15, I was already taking made-to-measure gigs.

I’m now an adult and even a mom. I have a few degrees under my belt: a college diploma in fashion design, a bachelor’s in fashion management and design and a Master of Arts in responsible fashion.

I personally ensure that every Gaia & Dubos product is fully sustainable and made here in Canada in ethical working conditions.

My values, passion and creativity are behind each piece of clothing we make.

Thank you for being a part of my grand mission!

LĂ©onie xx


What we promise you


Our clothes are made with respect to the planet. From the selection of our fabrics to the delivery at your doorstep.


Our products are created and crafted locally in Canada under humane working conditions. We visit every manufacturer we work with.


We create sumptuously durable clothes. Our impeccable seams and divine fits will accompany you in every chapter of your life.

A name that conveys meaning

Goddess Gaia

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the Earth. At Gaia & Dubos, she symbolizes respect and equity towards the environment and humanity, the core values of our brand.

René Dubos

René Dubos was a 20th-century French environmentalist. He considered humans as stewards of the environment, and he created the famous slogan "Think global, act local", which perfectly fits our philosophy.