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The disconnection between our consumption and its environmental and social impacts stabs me right in the heart. I would love it so much if I could simply use a magic wand and make the fashion industry's affliction disappear.

With Gaia & Dubos, I strive to create change, to improve the reality of this disconnected, destructive industry. By creating genuinely sustainable garments, I take part in the shift. But not only designers have this power. It lies within each of us, as consumers.

YOU have immense power. 

And yes, I know... It would be best for the planet and humanity to always opt for second-hand clothing.

To dress uniquely with hand-me-downs inherited by our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, even. 

To mend each and every outfit until they are unrecoverable beyond repair.

To use each sock until it is completely worn out.

Or simply to never buy clothes, right?
Actually, on many levels, it would be ideal for the planet if human beings simply didn't exist.

But you know what?

We do exist.  

And we have the right to live and to spoil ourselves a tiny bit. So why not choose products that were created with respect for human beings and our beautiful planet?

With all my love,

Leonie, designer and founder

Sign up for updates and be the first to know about our launch to get Early-Bird discounts.

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